The Warr on Mining

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The book the mining industry has been waiting for!

The Warr on Mining is an illustrative comedic insight into the mining industry.

If you are in mining, know someone in mining, thought about mining, or have driven past a pile of dirt and seen large trucks like oversized Tonka Toys, then this book is for you.

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While working in the mining industry, Glenn Warr began illustrating mishaps that would happen during shift.

There was boggins, slight interactions, dump problems, operator judgment errors sometimes ending up with people swimming in sump water, wheels falling off, smoke no flames just to name a few.

This is an illustrated book with a humorous look at the open cut mining industry.

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5 reviews for The Warr on Mining

  1. I know the artist

    Hello Mining world

    Thought I should give some information on what you will be looking at when you become an owner of the first volume of The Warr on Mining.
    A hard cover A4 book, 80 Pages’s, 37 illustrations, a three page comic strip on utilisation, a short story on how it all happened, miscellaneous scribbles and free gift in the way of old school miners currency. Yep a sticker.
    Your book will be signed…….yes by me
    Still not sure…
    let’s say it’s been in the planning for 18 months + some, guesstimate 250hours, 30 something 8 hour days, no breaks (like dispatching). Working on a conservative daily rate. You will be getting a book worth around $20.000 for $49.99 and it’s signed, which right now is nothing but imagine down the track. It could be worth a couple bucks or swap it for a coffee. Get the Boss to buy it.
    How about you might have a wonky coffee table that needs to be level, need to raise the computer screen up a tad, build a ramp for the kids toy car track, teach your family members good posture or for the bird cage plus many more.
    Whatever your reason I thank you and thanks for your understanding as I am a first time poster boy ( that’s posts ) more to come.
    Every time I look at the website, I like it that much that I buy a book.


  2. Heidy Vasilis (verified owner)

    This book has so many elements of humour and creativity. There are hidden treasures of giggles and inside jokes any mining crew would relate with..
    This is THE “coffee table book” every miners crib should have.

  3. Deon (verified owner)

    I am so excited by the book, can wait to see the movie.

  4. Tim M cNamara

    Perfect book my surrogate son

  5. Komrad from Moscow (verified owner)

    Good quality creative book for people who already get fun about mining or just going

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