The Warr on Mining

The book the mining industry has been waiting for!

The Warr on Mining is an illustrative comedic insight into the mining industry.

If you are in mining, know someone in mining, thought about mining, or have driven past a pile of dirt and seen large trucks like oversized Tonka Toys, then this book is for you.

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About the Story

While working in the mining industry, Glenn Warr began illustrating mishaps that would happen during shift on the crib hut walls.

There was boggins, slight interactions, dump problems, operator judgment errors sometimes ending up with people swimming in sump water, wheels falling off, smoke no flames just to name a few. As the cartoons of the mishaps grew they began to take up more and more space in the crib hut, taking up the entire wall and parts of the ceiling.

If an operator’s mishap was worthy enough it would be placed on the crib hut wall, the “Wall of Fame”, and in the end, due to the cartoons, the crib hut became the first port of call for any pit tour.

Later on though, the manager had the walls painted over. Eight years worth of history was lost.

After that Glenn made a mining calendar, cartooned for the Singleton Argus for close to 10 years, and began doing many caricatures and graphic designs.

As for what inspired him to make a book of his art, Glenn writes,

On one work trip, I was in a lounge watching the time go by when I noticed a large TV banner that read the War on Drugs. Very slow moving cogs in my mind slowly aligned and I thought to myself, “Hey war… my last name is Warr. I can draw and I work in the mining industry…” and so The Warr on Mining came to be.

Glenn Warr – The Artist

I have over 20 years experience in open cut mining operations. I am currently a Specialist Trainer for a fleet management System, facilitating the training of a number of products for the mining industry across the Asia Pacific region.

Prior to this, I was a Senior Mine Dispatcher and a Disptach Controller for two major mining companies as well as an equipment operator.

These years gave plenty of stories for me to draw. I was working part-time as a cartoonist during much of this time, providing illustration and design services promoting HSEQ awareness for numerous mining companies and corporate branding and design services for private industry as well as doing weekly cartoons for the local newspaper.



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